Lawrence Bull, PhD

[2022-2027] University of Cambridge | Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Group | Research Associate | Department of Engineering

[2021-2022] The Alan Turing Institute | Research Associate | Data-Centric Engineering

[2016-2021] University of Sheffield | PhD Student (2016-2019) Research Assistant (2019-2022) | Dynamics Research Group | Department of Engineering

Broadly speaking, I’m a researcher in statistical methods for Data-Centric Engineering. Focussing on monitoring techniques for telemetry data from systems and infrastructure.

I’m particularly interested in multilevel structures that appear in measurements from populations of systems – trains, planes, automobiles (… wind turbines). By encoding domain expertise in a Bayesian workflow, complex models can be built from interpretable units, allowing machines to share information and increasing the value of data. At the population level, alternative insights can emerge that might otherwise be missed – the whole is something besides its parts.

I’m a communications editor for the Data-Centric Engineering journal (Cambridge University Press) and a member of the Early-Career Academic and Professionals Panel (ECAPP) in the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC).