Lawrence is a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge in the Engineering Department and Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Group. Previously, he worked at The Alan Turing Institute in the Data-Centric Engineering programme and the Dynamics Research Group at the University of Sheffield.

His research develops modelling for distributed groups of systems – such as turbines in a wind farm or vehicles in a transportation network. He investigates whether population-level analyses can allow machines (or systems) to share information, increasing the value of measured data. In turn, systems with sparse information should automatically borrow (statistical) strength from those that are data-rich.

He is a communications editor for the Data-Centric Engineering journal (Cambridge University Press) and a member of the Early-Career Academic and Professionals Panel (ECAPP) in the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC).

University of Cambridge

[2022-2027] Research Associate, Engineering Department, University of Cambridge:
Systems-level Digital Twins for High-value Infrastructure.
ROSEHIPS programme grant (UKRI/EPSRC).
Supervisor: Prof. Mark Girolami.

The Alan Turing Institute

[2021-2022] Research Associate, Data-Centric Engineering, The Alan Turing Institute:
Digital Twins of Fleets.
AI for Science and Government (ASG) programme (UKRI/EPSRC).
Supervisor: Prof. Mark Girolami.

University of Sheffield

[2018-2021] Research Assistant, Dynamics Research Group, University of Sheffield:
Structural Health Monitoring of Systems of Systems: Populations, Networks and Communities.
EPSRC fellowship grant, PI: Prof. Keith Worden.

[2016-2019] PhD in Engineering, University of Sheffield:
Towards Probabilistic and Partially-Supervised Structural Health Monitoring.
First and second supervisors: Dr Nikolaos Dervilis, Prof. Keith Worden.